Celebrating the Life of Raja Wynne

Raja of Countries around the World (2005-2020)

Raja Wynne on a 2013 tour of New Zealand, pictured here with the Maharishi Island of World Peace in the background

Raja Wynne became the Raja of countries around the world including the following: New Zealand, Armenia, Pakistan, Kenya, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Liberia, Iraq, and Burundi. Raja Wynne delighted in working with and visiting his domains with many trips to New Zealand, and also to the Cook Islands, Armenia, Kenya, and just in March 2020, the South Pacific country of Vanuatu where he did the first initiation in the country in many years and met with Mayor of Luganville on the island of Espiritu Santo (of South Pacific fame). He and Maureen had been planning a trip to Armenia to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Movement there later in 2020.

Raja Graeme Lodge, Former National Director of New Zealand
“The New Zealand Governors so enjoyed Raja Wynne’s role as Raja of New Zealand. His bubbling bliss in all he did brought great happiness and joy to our Maharishi family in New Zealand.

“Typically, it was a traveling road show (Invincibility Tour) where for a couple of weeks we traveled Northern New Zealand with up to 25 members of our Movement family. We visited Cape Reinga, the northern tip of New Zealand, and on the way, we took a wonderful picture of Raja Wynne with Maharishi’s Island in the background. On another occasion we went on a Maharishi Sthapathya Veda tour, visiting some of the many Vastu buildings in New Zealand.

“Raja Wynne guided the New Zealand movement for 11 years during which time a large number of Movement and private Maharishi Sthapatya Veda buildings were completed. Under his guidance many projects were completed for Maharishi, including trips to our Pacific neighbors for flag raisings and Movement activities. Only recently Raja Wynne and Maureen were in Vanuatu setting up activities for the Movement.”

New Zealand Governors
“You and Raja Wynne will always be a part of our New Zealand family; we treasure all the time and attention you gave to Aotearoa (New Zealand), bringing greater peace, health, enlightenment and invincibility to our country.

“The light of Raja Wynne’s shining personality, his one-pointed devotion to Maharishi, and winning ways of bringing heaven on earth in all he does will stay with us always.”


Dr. Ashok Kumar, National Leader of Pakistan and TM-Sidhi Administrator
“Our hearts overflow in respect and full love for Raja Wynne — we have often talked here about the work he has done, unparalleled, putting his attention on so much all at once, managing in a state of total effortless flow, it seemed. Sometimes, here in our traditional families, very ‘blessed’ elders leave this Earth in a way that we are reminded of today: surrounded by nature, gently guided and taken by Nature. Putting our attention on Raja Wynne’s entire life, his legacy, is an honor, and we feel so honored to have been with Raja Wynne and you in these very auspicious, I’m sure, very blissful last days. We cannot say much more, other than that it is our continued privilege and joy to serve Maharishi and his knowledge under such enlightened leadership. We are thinking much more than we can possibly say, and for that we can only say Jai Guru Dev, Jai Guru Dev… May Raja Wynne enjoy total union with Brahm, may all of his family, his World Family, his friends, his colleagues, may everyone find togetherness and live a life of service, just as he did.”


Governors and Sidhas of Armenia
“Armenia and we all have been blessed to have him as our Raja and to be under his protection. We treasure the love he had for Armenia and we reciprocate it with great love for him and for his family. The light he spread will always be in our hearts. Raja Wynne went to join Maharishi and Guru Dev and other great masters and to stay with them forever, in the Absolute.”


During the Wynnes’ visit to Kenya in 2013, hosted by National Director Solomon Mwangi they spent time with the Governors at the Liberty School in Nandi Hills having working meetings, looking at land, and enjoying celebrations, including raising the flag of the Global Country of World Peace at the Liberty School.

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